Belgian thief caught at Suvarnabhumi airport

The security footage caught a Belgian man stealing a Chinese tourists suitcase in Suvarnabhumi airport. The thief stole at least 100k THB worth of personal belongings on the 1st of this month.




The man was Patrick Fernand Coulier 57 years old from Belgium. The Immigration police in the airport were able to catch him on charges of theft in the International airport of Thailand at a check-in counter of an airline leaving to Vietnam on the 16th of this month, 15 days after his latest theft at Suvarnabhumi.


The security footage was reported to the online world on the 21st of this month by South China Morning Post, the video shows Patrick picking up the suitcase of a Chinese tourist from the conveyor belt. The Chinese tourist flew from Hangzhou in China to Bangkok, Thailand. There was at least 100k THB worth of the victim’s personal belongings.



When the Immigration police arrested Patrick, the suitcase that he retrieved on the 1st of the same month was also being checked-in to be loaded onto the flight as his own luggage. His criminal record has shown that there is an arrest warrant from the Belgium court out for Patrick and an arrest warrant from the Samut Prakan province court in Thailand.


After the investigation, Patrick finally admitted that he was the one who took the Chinese tourist bag and that he is an international luggage thief. In the past, Patrick has traveled to destinations all over the world where he will steal someone else’s luggage when he arrives in the nation, he has admitted that this is his 27th time stealing a strangers luggage from the airport.


Today’s technology allows us to buy GPS trackers for less than 500 THB that can be placed in our luggage and connected to an application on our phone. This will allow a real-time report of where our luggage is, we never know when and if someone decides to randomly steal our luggage, even at one of the most heavily secured locations in the country that we are traveling to.


FB Caption: He is an international luggage thief who has stolen strangers suitcases at least 27 times around the world.


Source: Workpoint News, South China Morning Post