Beware of chigger bites amid holiday tax return

Winter campers warned of scrub typhus disease

MINISTRY of Public Health’s Permanent Secretar Narong Sahametapat, M.D. gave an interview about his concern for the tourists who love to camp out in the woods during winter especially in the northern part of Thailand that they might risk being bitten by chiggers which could cause scrub typhus, a tropical disease that may be fatal to one of every five patients.

Doctor Narong advised to monitor development of high fever, chills, severe headache, red eyes, muscle aches and possibly eschars within two weeks of the trip to the woods. Scrub typhus has no vaccine but could be treated so a patient should consult a physician and inform him/her about the trip to the woods immediately after noticing the above development.

Campers should also use mosquito repellent, wear clothes that conceal most parts of the body and avoid sitting and sleeping in tall grassy and brushy areas. They should take a shower and wash clothes after returning from outdoor activities.


Above: A close-up view of a chigger and a chigger bite. Photo:

Spend holiday money domestically and get tax return

THE cabinet agreed to an additional 15,000 tax break from receipt spent on registered tourism and hotel business during December 1-31 on top of previous 15,000 stimuli meant for spending during Jan 1 – Dec 31, added up to potentially 30,000 tax return for Thai citizens.

tourists-enjoying-the-winter-2016-in-northern-thailandAdviser to the Minister of Commerce Nuttaporn Jatusripitak explained that the cabinet approved the measures after both considering state assistance to other sectors as well as moving to increase domestic tourism during the year-end. He also said that the measures are an encouragement for travel and tour operators to register as required by the law.

The tourism sector has said to be affected by the government’s crackdown on “zero-dollar” tour operators which resulted in a recent sharp drop of Chinese tourists.


Inset: Tourists in northern Thailand enjoying the misty winter cold at a viewpoint. Photo:

Gold price plunges another 250 baht

thai-shopkeeper-selling-gold-ornamentsTHAILAND’S Gold Traders Association (, as of Dec 1 morning,
announced another significant drop of gold bar’s selling price to 19,800 baht per baht-weight and 20,300 baht per bath-weight for the gold ornament, a 250-baht slide from the previous day’s close.

The buying price of gold bar was set at 19,700 baht per baht-weight while the gold ornaments was set at 19,344.16 baht per baht-weight.


Inset: A shopkeeper selling a gold chain with these glittering ornaments now in demand as gold price has been dropping steadily. Photo:

Motor Expo week

DURING Dec 1 – 12, the public can visit Muang Thong Thani’s Impact Challenger Hall 1 – 3 and look for best deal on latest or not very latest autos at the Thailand International Motor Expo 2016 event, one of the country’s biggest and usually last auto show of the year.

Besides the motors and motorcycles, what could also be attracting visitors’ attention  are all the promotional models or ‘pretty.’ This year, they have refrained from wearing revealing outfits and opted for a more conservative and elegant attire to reflect the nation’s emotional atmosphere.

Readers of with abiding affection for vehicles with two or more wheels should not miss the opportunity.


Below: Conservatively dressed ‘pretty’ models at this year’s Motor Expo. Photo:

By Piboon Awasdaruharote



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