Big Bike theft gang arrested

A big bike theft gang has been arrested after stealing at least 15 big bikes before selling them in a neighboring country. Wiroj 20-year-old has been arrested with an arrest warrant from the Samut Sakhon Court on charges relating to theft during the night involving a vehicle that is used to escape or to move the stolen object. Officials from the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) arrested the suspect in Bang Khae District, Bangkok City. Many big bikes have gone missing during the night, victims have filed reports concerning their vehicles. Police started gathering evidence leading to the arrest of members in the big bike theft gang. 


Police arrested Nattapol on 18 September 2020, this is another suspect with similar charges, and delivered him to the Krathum Baen Police Station in Samut Sakhon Province. Nattapol admitted to the charges and also revealed to officials that there is another man involved named Wiroj. Together the suspects went looking for big bikes in Krathum Baen District and nearby areas. They specifically targeted big bike vehicles as they knew buyers near the Myanmar-Thailand border. The gang would receive 10,000-15,000 THB for each vehicle delivered. Nattapol admitted the gang has stolen about15 big bikes in the past, all sold in a similar method. Wiroj is reported to be the gang leader, the mastermind for each theft. 


Wiroj has admitted to all charges including claims made by Nattapol. The gang would go survey an area to see which big bikes could be stolen and sold to buyers near the border. When Wiroj heard Nattapol had been arrested and he had an arrest warrant out in his name, the suspect had been on the run ever since. The attempt to hide from police has been successful until he was finally arrested on 8 November 2020. Wiroj has also been acting as an agent to sell stolen vehicles from other vehicle thieves in Thailand. The suspect has been delivered to the Krathum Baen Police Station now waiting for prosecution. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: A big bike theft gang has been arrested after stealing at least 15 big bikes before selling them at the Thailand-Myanmar Border. 


Source: INN News