Big blaze after pickup truck hits power pole in Phuket

A YOUNG man driving a pickup truck was saved by Good Samaritans after he lost control of his vehicle on a rain-drenched Phuket road and hit a power pole, triggering a huge blaze that spread to nearby shops and houses, Thai News Agency reported today (Feb. 3).

The bad accident and fire occurred last night at Koh Kaew subdistrict, Muang district, Phuket, after Mr Prakit Nooseth, 28, slammed into a power pole on Thepkasattri road trigger a big blaze which grew even larger after sparks from the power lines fell on it.

Fanned by strong wind the fire spread to nearby shops and houses, and firemen, who quickly reached the scene of the accident on 2 fire engines, took 20 minutes to control it by spraying water and foam.

The driver of the Phuket-registered pickup truck was rushed to the hospital after being rescued to be treated for chest pain.

Meanwhile only the front part of some shops and houses got burnt in this fierce blaze.


Top: The pickup truck ablaze after hitting a power pole in Phuket. Photo: Thai News Agency