Big drug haul after a fierce firefight

BORDER Patrol Police engaged in a fierce firefight with a group of drug traffickers who were transporting a large amount of drugs through northern Chiang Mai city last night but all members of the 20-strong unit are unharmed, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported this morning (Sept. 7, 2018)

Seized from the drug traffickers’ pickup truck were 4,400,000 methamphetamine pills in green backpacks, and 97 one-kilogram blocks of crystal methamphetamine (Ice).

The Border Patrol Police unit had been ordered to watch out and halt drug running on Baan Doi Laem road in Mae Ai district of Chiang Mai.

When they tried to stop this suspicious pickup truck, they were instead fired upon by those riding it, with this leading to a 30-minute exchange of gunfire.

The whole area is currently been combed and further investigation is continuing.


Top: A Border Patrol Police officer displays the big drug haul they netted last night. Photo: Matichon

Below: The drug traffickers’ pickup truck full of narcotic drugs. Photo: Matichon

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