Big stink! Passenger defecates on BTS seat

SHOCKING the whole Thai social media is a photo shared by a BTS train passenger who was horrified to see that another passenger had left a pile of feces on a seat before hopping off at Phra Khanong station, reported today (July 20, 2018).

Facebook user Nidtayaporn Songsri, who shared the photo, said in her post that her beautiful Friday morning was ruined when a middle-aged, well-dressed Thai got off the train leaving this smelly pile of feces behind.

She and the other passengers had to cope with the bad smell all the way till Siam station.

Her post attracted a lot of questions and comments with most saying that the passenger is question is probably sick. Some suggested that she buy a lottery ticket with the carriage’s number as she might win.


Top and below: The pile of feces on the BTS train seat this morning and the carriage’s number. Photos:

shitty carriage