Big waves damage cargo ship off Trang

A CARGO ship sailing from southern Trang province’s port to Malaysia was damaged last night after 5-meter high waves continuously slammed it and pulled 16 containers holding processed parawood into the sea, reported this morning (July 11, 2018).

At 11.30 p.m. last night Pol Lt Col Wasana Inchuea, an investigator at marine police station 2, together with other officers and port officials rushed to help the crew of MV.NP Love Gistic 2 cargo ship in a speed boat despite the huge waves in the Andaman Sea.

Fortunately the captain and the crew were unharmed, but the captain insisted on taking the ship back to Trang port and later salvaging the containers.

The captain said that his cargo ship was sailing between Koh Laoliang and Koh Takiang islands when the big 5-meter high waves continuously smashed it, damaging the starboard side and pulling 16 containers into the sea.

Some containers had opened up and the planks of processed wood floated away.

This ship is normally able to carry 65 to 70 40-meter long containers and takes 30 to 35 hours to go from Trang to Port Klang in Malaysia, where this cargo was to be transferred to a bigger ship heading for China.

Last Thursday a boat carrying Chinese tourists capsized off Phuket killing 42 Chinese tourists, with 49 rescued and 14 missing.


Top: The damaged MV.NP Love Gistic 2 moored at Trang port. Photo: