Big waves wash garbage onto Khao Lak beach

FIERCE waves and winds washed a lot of garbage from the sea onto a Khao Lak tourist beach at southern Phang Nga province, INN News said today (June 28).

Rain is falling continuously across Phang Nga with this accompanied with very strong waves and winds and these high waves are washing a lot of garbage onto Ban Nam Khem beach at Takua Pa district with this including pieces of wood, plastic and glass bottles and metal cans.

Khao Lak (1)

Right now the beaches popular with tourists in this province are very quiet as practically no one has come to relax at the seaside and swim in the sea because they are worried it might not be safe to do so amid variable weather.  Moreover hotel operators have also put red flags on the beaches

Provincial authorities warned tourists to follow the weather forecast closely with this applying to fishermen too who should not risk taking tourists on sightseeing tours when the waves are this strong.

According to the Thai Meteorological Department, near normal amount of rain is expected in southern Thailand from June to August but both minimum and maximum temperatures will be slightly above normal for almost all of this period.

The amount and distribution of rain will decrease in southern Thailand (specifically, the west coast) from late June to early July as the prevailing southwesterly monsoon over the Andaman Sea and southern Thailand weakens.

However rain will increase again from middle of July until August when these southwesterly monsoon becomes more active.

All of Thailand will be getting more rain in August, especially the southern west coast, and flash floods and forest runoffs will occur in many areas.


Top: Some of the garbage that the strong waves dumped on Khao Lak beach. Photo: INN News

Inset: The sea off Phang Nga province is showing an angry face today. Photo: INN News




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