Bigger than ever, 6-meter King Cobra found in Krabi

A 6-meter King Cobra has been discovered in the house no. 204, Krabi Noi, Krabi Province. 5 volunteers from the Krabi local rescue team went to catch a giant king cobra on 25 February 2020. The snake had been hiding in a villager’s home for over 2 days. It’s a wonder how the owner continued living in the home with the giant snake sleeping under the same roof.


Credit: Sanook


At first, the team wasn’t sure what type of snake it was, as the cobra was curled up. Then as the officers started getting close the snake woke up and went into attack mode as the hood spread out. Thankfully the officers have had good experiences in catching King Cobras and with the help of snake catching equipment they caught the snake by its neck and pulled it out from the home.


The snake was measured with bare hands, it was 6-meters long and weighed over 20 kilograms. The King Cobra has been placed in a sack and the team will be releasing the snake in a safe wild location. Villagers around the area have heard that an extremely large snake has come to live in the house and when the rescue team was finally called they gathered around to witness the full length of the venomous beast.


Credit: Sanook


Dusdee 53 years old, the home owner stated that the snake came into her home about 2 days ago. She saw how large it was and wouldnt dare to go nearby. Dusdee thought it would probably leave soon so she didnt mind and didnt notify the local rescue team. On the date it was caught, Dusdee saw that it was slowly coming closer to her living area and was getting scared. She realized the snake was just probably hungry, but it has been days since she had a giant snake roommate and believed it was time to call for help.


FB Caption: The snake had been in her home for 2 days, as it was coming closer to her living area Dusdee finally decided to call for help.


Source: Sanook