Bottle bombs hit Korat’s district office, police station

BOTTLE bombs were flung at a district office, police station and police box in northeastern Nakhon Ratchasima, or Korat, province last night but there were no injuries and a suspect who seems to be mentally retarded has been arrested, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 8)

Police at Nakhon Ratchasima’s Khong district are investigating and collecting additional evidence after one or more criminals drove up on motorcycles and threw bottle bombs at these three places.

It was the district office which was badly damaged with the registration office within the building catching fire and it took around half an hour to put out the blaze. However the police station and police box at Khong market were only slightly damaged.

Police arrested a suspect who is an able-bodied man of around 37 years of age who seems to be mentally retarded and was wearing full white closes. Investigation into these blasts is continuing.


Top: Khong district office cordoned off. Photo: Thai News Agency