Brighten up your mood during the rainy days

WE all know the weather can be a bit dull in Phuket these days, and such weather usually makes us feel a bit down and not so motivated. Fortunately, there are some places in Phuket that will surely help you bring the best version of yourself back on track, regardless of the clouds. Whether you are looking at doing some exercise, a yoga retreat or full detox program, we’ve selected four venues you should try to boost your motivation!



Thanyapura is a world-famous, state-of-the-art training center located in Thalang, north-east of Phuket, nearby the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park. Aside of the fully-equipped 900 sqm. fitness center, you will find tennis courts, track & field, football field and two Olympic size swimming pools (50 m. and 25 m. respectively). They also offer a Mind Center for those who wish to learn the secrets of meditation and start the day on the right foot.

Santosa Detox & Wellness Center


This splendid venue located on Karon Hills focuses on detoxing the body and mind by offering various classes such as aerial yoga, Zumba and fat burning exercises. Whether you are looking for a place to relax or to learn new healthy eating habits, Santosa is made for you. You will also find a spa with a variety of treatments as well as a vegan restaurant offering stunning view over Kata.



Atmanjai is another gem hidden on Chalong Bay and accessible through Rawai’s main road. Dubbed Phuket’s only beachfront wellness spa, the view from the main pool is as good as the various treatments offered at their spa. They offer a full cleansing program and have regular sessions of yoga and fitness to keep you in good shape. Atmanjai is a great option if you are staying on this part of the island.

Project Artisan

project artisan,new

Located in Cherng Talay, on the west coast, the newly created project combines healthy eating and a spa to rejuvenate after a stressed time at work. The venue is designed as a meeting place to make new friends and cherish life, all while using locally sourced ingredients and organic produces. Feel free to check out this fantastic option if you are in the area, you sure won’t regret it.


Top: Yoga is a great way to both relax and keep fit.

First inset: Opt for Thanyapura if you are looking for a wide range of sports facilities and a Mind Center to stay well-tuned.

Second inset: Santosa offers some really interesting classes.

Third inset: For a gorgeous view and a variety of treatments head to Atmanjai.

Fourth inset: Project Artisan is zooming ahead with a combination of healthy eating and spa treatments.

By Nattha Thepbamrung



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