Brother admits killing couple over frequent scoldings

THE arrested brother who had hired killers to murder his sister and her British husband in northern Phrae province last week confessed that he killed them not because of money issues but having been frequently scolded by his sister, reported this morning (Sept 26, 2018).

Mr Alan Hogg, 61, and his wife, Mrs Nod Suddean, also 61, who disappeared mysteriously in Phrae  Mueang district last Thursday September 19, were both killed within the compound of their house, with the Briton being shot dead, while his Thai wife was hammered to death in front of the garage.

Police managed to find their decomposed bodies buried 3 meters deep within the compound.


Nod’s older brother Warut Rattanasachakit, 63, told police that he hired men to kill the couple because his sister scolded him often over certain issues, but this was not related to money.

He added that he earned the money to open his restaurant by working in Scotland for almost 4 years. When he returned to Thailand to start this business venture, the exchange rate was 70 baht a pound.

Meanwhile the other 2 murder suspects, Mr Tia, 62, and Mr Kittipong, 27, told police that Warut had hired them to commit the murder for 50,000 baht.

They said on that day at around 6 p.m. Tia took a pistol and laid in wait within the compound of the victims’ house. When Hogg came out to feed the ducks, he shot him dead.

After that he went further into the compound and used a hammer to bludgeon Nod to death. He then threw the pistol away.

They said Warut used a small backhoe to dig up the ground to bury the victims, but after doing so for an hour, the petrol ran out so he went out to fill the tank and returned to finish the task. However Warut denies doing this.

They added that after that they took the while pickup truck which was sold to pay their fee and for Warut to use to run away.

Meanwhile a newspaper in Scotland covered the murder of this couple and ran a photo of Hogg gardening at his brother’s house in Edinburgh in 2016, with Nod seated by his side.


Top: Warut, left, and his sister and brother-in-law during their younger days, at right. Photo:

In-text: One of the last photos of the murdered couple taken at Hogg’s brother’s house in Edinburgh in 2016. Photo: