Brothers 16 and 14 chased on the road by gunman.

2 brothers terrified for their life as they were chased while on the road by a gunman. The brothers drove away from home on a motorbike with the simple goal of buying groceries for their mother. A gunman started driving after them hoping to steal the motorbike. The brother ended up running for their lives and later went with the mother to file a report at the police station. Facebook page named “Pathum Thani has problems” posted on 3 March 2023. 2 brothers went to a convenience store and were chased after by 2 men on another motorbike. 

The men used a gun and ordered them to stop the vehicle. The older brother tried to drive away but ended up crashing. One of the men used this opportunity to steal their motorbike and drive away. The stolen motorbike is a black Honda with a Pichit Province license plate. The 2 thieves were driving a navy blue Honda motorbike. The brothers 16 and 14 years old showed police where the men used a gun to steal the motorbike at 20.50 on 2 March 2023. They were on their way back home when they arrived in front of the Wat Bua Kaew Kasorn Temple. This is when 2 men wearing all black including their helmets. They drove close and asked to stop the vehicle and pulled out a gun. 

The older brother continued driving and tried to drive over a bridge but lost control and drove into a barrier. Both brothers started running away hoping to find a hiding spot. They looked back and saw the thief that was not driving had driven their motorbike away. The brothers ran all the way back home which is about 1 kilometer from the location. The mother and the brothers went to file a report with Police Captain Nattawut Puangthong at the Lat Lum Kaeo Police Station. Soraya Punsarikij 41 years old the mother stated she hopes officials can find the suspects as it is a violent case that shows they have no care for the law. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: 2 men used a gun to steal a motorbike from the brothers who are 16 and 14 years old. 


Source: Khaosod