BTS train roof leaks yet again

GOING viral on the Thai social media is a video clip from the Facebook page of Supanut Siriudomdejkul showing a large volume of water leaking into a BTS train carriage from the roof, almost like a waterfall, with this flooding the train floor and causing chaos as passengers moved away in an already crowded train, reported today (August 23, 2018).

The video clip also showed that the lights went off intermittently during the journey.

This is not the first time water has leaked into a BTS train with images shared in 2016 also showing water flowing into the carriage like a waterfall.

In 2017 there was a lot of criticism after water flooded the floor of a carriage, but BTS said that it was rainwater that lashed in through the door when it opened at stations, also confirming that this does not affect the train system nor the safety of passengers.

Just last month a video clip was shared showing rainwater dripping into a carriage. Also scaring passengers last month was when a train door suddenly opened as it was heading for a station.

The public and passengers have been criticizing the quality and service of BTS Skytrain, particularly the frequent disruptions of service, high fares, and ticket vending machines that only accept coins.


Top: Passengers move away from the point where water leaked into a BTS train carriage. Photo: