Buriram furniture store makes 2,000 beds for field hospitals.

A furniture store in Buriram Province has announced plans to make 2,000 beds for field hospitals, even greater the employees have expressed they do not want to be paid. The Sanook News team reported on 12 July 2021 in Buriram. Kim Nguan Furniture posted on their Facebook Page “The Kim Nguan Furniture company wants to be a small part in helping fellow Thais. We will make 500 beds to give to field hospitals. This is a project named “Thais don’t abandon each other”. The post was shared and netizens applauded the local furniture store for being a good light in the pandemic. 


Credit: Sanook


The Sanook News Team visited the furniture factory and saw over 50 employees putting together wooden bed frames. Wanpen Yodpetch 36-year-old, one of the employees stated the owner wanted to make and give beds to field hospitals. The employees had a meeting and agreed they did not want to get paid for making the beds. They understand the good intentions of the owner and they all want to help in the good deed. Chayanit Chirum 40 year old the vice-president stated Covid-19 numbers in Thailand has increased non stop. She has heard that many field hospitals do not have enough beds. The company wanted to help and announced this on the Facebook page. 


Credit: Sanook


At first the company planned to make 500 beds but within an hour many hospitals had reserved all the beds. The furniture company increased the number to 1,000 beds but this was still not enough. Some fellow companies helped supply more wood so the number is now set at 2,000 beds. Each bed is worth 1,800 THB, bringing the total value of the beds to 3.6 million THB. The company will consider making more beds if the 2,000 is still not enough. It is very impressive how all employees decided on their own decisions to not accept any payment in exchange for their hard work. But, the company promises to pay the employees what they deserve or more after seeing their determination to help others impacted by the pandemic. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The company is making 2,000 beds for field hospitals and the employees don’t want to accept payment. 


Source: Sanook