Burmese mother gives birth on ambulance in Khon Kaen Province.

A 28-year-old Burmese woman gave birth on an ambulance in Khon Kaen Province on 26 February 2021. The Sila local rescue team in Sila Sub-district helped to deliver the baby. The woman needed to give birth immediately at a construction camp located inside a factory. When the rescue team arrived, they realized she could not wait until they delivered her to the hospital. She went inside the ambulance and the baby was delivered successfully. Both the newborn and the mother are safe and healthy. Locals in the area and other factory workers surrounded the ambulance, when the baby was delivered, they all cheered out of happiness for the mother. The team then delivered both to the hospital to make sure they were under doctor care.


Credit: INN News


The INN News Team went to the Sila City Office and met the rescue team members. Jaruwan Potsri and other team members were working as usual waiting on standby in case of emergency calls. Jaruwan stated the team received a call from the 1669 center stating a woman had gone into labor. She stayed inside a construction camp with other Burmese workers. There were 3 members who went to the location including Jaruwan, Narisara, and Chanon the ambulance driver. They arrived to find Moe Hnin Phyu in pain. Jaruwan stated “We brought her into the car and checked her symptoms, but the child’s head had already started to come out. We contacted emergency doctors and asked for permission to perform an emergency deliver that we previously received training for. Everything worked out as planned and the baby came out into the world”.


The mother and child are now at the Srinagaring Hospital. This is Jaruwan’s 3rd emergency delivery on an ambulance. She also revealed that all members of the team have been trained professionally with trainings every year. Patients are treated with medical knowledge to make sure they stay as safe as possible under the right hands. When asked how she felt after pictures of the incident went viral online, the rescue team member stated is very proud. The team has gained a big following from locals and other Burmese employees in the area. Some have taken the team as their idols. Those near the construction camp immediately traveled to the camp as soon as they heard there was an emergency delivery taking place on an ambulance. They all wanted to see what the license plate number was for a lucky chance to win the next Thai Government Lottery.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Locals gathered to the ambulance in hopes of spotting the license plate number and buy tickets for the next government lottery.


Source: INN News