Burnt body in Phichit identified as Italian man

A THAI woman and her French husband are being hunted after police in lower northern Phichit province concluded that they killed and burnt her French husband on Friday Jan. 19, 2018, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported today (Jan. 22).

This mystery which police solved started with the discovery of a burnt dead body in a jungle in Bueng Na Rang district of this province. However, parts of a leg and an arm remained unburned and on the leg was a tattoo.

Police investigators under the command of Pol. Maj.-Gen. Thawatchi Muayanara, head of Phichit police, asked around as to who has a foreign husband and found out that Ms Ruchira Klailamai, 38, had 2 foreign husbands, Mr Giuseppe di  Stephanie, an Italian, and Mr. Amaury  Riccua, a French man. She was previously married to a Thai man with whom she had 2 children and they have separated, but not divorced.

Capture 4

Neighbors told police that Ruchira and Giuseppe quarreled very often. They also told police that they saw Ruchira and Amaury strenuously washing the car, a Toyota Yaris, for hours and even boiled hot water to do so.

Ruchira’s daughter from her first marriage has also identified the body as being that of Giuseppe because she recognized the tattoo.

Pol. Maj.-Gen. Thawatchi Muayanara today concluded that Ruchira and Amaury did kill Guiseppe but that around 3 other persons too were involved. This is because CCTV footage shows that at 9.52 pm that night a car went into the site where the body was burnt, and came out half an hour later. Then at 4 am the next morning another car and a motorcycle went there too.

He added that Amaury is on Thailand’s blacklist and forbidden from entering the country, but probably slipped in through Laos.


Top: Officials inspect the site where Giuseppe di Stephanie’s body was found while inset is an image of Ruchira and Amaury. Photo: Matichon

In-text: Copies of the deceased Italian man’s passport and an image of him displayed on a police board. Photo: Matichon