Busboy turns drug dealer, found with 30KG of crystal meth.

A former busboy has turned into a drug dealer found with 30 kilograms of crystal meth. The suspect delivers drugs to nightclubs in Bangkok. Police Lieutenant General Pakpong Pongpetra and related officials arrested Amorntep known as Jo 29-year-old along with evidence in the case including 32.22 kilograms of crystal meth, 1.59 kilograms of heroin, and a phone. Jo was arrested inside a home located in Bang Khae District, Bangkok. 


A police investigation discovered that a man named Jo has been selling drugs in Phet Kasem Road, Phutthamonthon 3 Road, and nearby areas. Jo lives in a home located in Soi Phet Kasem 69, Bang Khae. Officials reported the discovery to the commissioner. Police tracked Jo down along with collecting evidence in the case. This was until 28 October 2020 when police found out Jo was picking up a new drug delivery and will be keeping the drugs inside his own home. Jo will then take out a small number of drugs per time depending on customer orders each day. Officials presented themselves and arrested Jo. Officials also found crystal meth packaged in a golden tea packet. The heroin was placed inside a large white bag, the drugs were found inside the kitchen and on a shelf inside the bedroom located on the 2nd floor. 


Jo admitted he used to work on public buses but he left the job and is now a drug dealer. He receives drug deliveries from a friend. Jo will receive payments in exchange for selling the drugs, the latest delivery will bring home 30,000 THB. Jo has been selling drugs for over a year. He also received some drugs for exchange which most of the time he will sell to customers for extra income. The suspect claims the money is used to take care of his family. History shows Jo has already been in prison for 2-3 years on drug charges. The suspect has been delivered to the Phet Kasem Police Station for prosecution.  


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Jo admitted he used to work on public buses but he left the job and is now a drug dealer.


Source: INN News