Business man says he was forced to sign drug test.

A businessman states that he was forced to sign a document that admitted to using drugs, in this case, the use of methamphetamine.  Somchai 38 years old is a businessman with his own banana company, a special professor at the Songkhla Rajabhat University, and is an electrical contractor, Sanook News Team reported on the issue.


Somchai and his lawyer presented documents from Ramathibodi Hospital to the media on 30 October 2019 as proof of his innocence. Also attached, was a drug test (Methamphetamine Urine Screening) From Surat Thani Hospital that also showed he had no traces of drugs in his system. He wishes to ask for justice and is on the process to file a report on the police officers at the checkpoint on the date of the incident.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The incident took place on 5 October 2019 at 22.00. Somchai was driving a Toyota truck with a Songkhla license. He had just delivered some bananas in Surat Thani Province and was on his way back to Phatthalung Province. He arrived at a checkpoint where the officers made him take a Urinalysis. He had no problem and gave the cup back to the officer. The officer told him to go sit down while they do the drug test. The officer then took the cup to somewhere he couldn’t see.


While he was finding a seat to wait, the officer held his cup and yelled: “you’re not going home tonight for sure, you have to sleep at the police station”. The officers then got hold of him with 2 other persons. The police gave him an arrest document for him to sign as admitting to the drug test. At first, he denied signing, but the officer told him “just sign it so that the situation does not drag out”. Somchai was afraid for his own safety so he signed the paper.


The officers then took him to Surat Thani Hospital for an official drug test. Results showed he had drugs in his system, but Somchai denies and believes it was someone else’s urine. He asked for another drug test at the hospital but the officers denied. Somchai was placed in jail at the Surat Thani Police Station. His relatives were contacted to bail him out at 50,000 THB.


Somchai was interrogated by another officer where he denied all charges. The officer asked him whether he believed in scientific evidence, Somchai answered he does but he doesn’t believe it was his urine. He asked for another drug test that showed no traces of drugs in his system.


Somchai went to get another drug test this time by a blood test at the Phatthalung Lab on the 8th, the test was then sent to Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok on the 9th that confirmed that he had no traces of drugs. Somchai states that he has done a single drug in his life. He will be suing and will do what he can to protect his own name, He has many businesses that depend on his reputation.


FB Caption: “you’re not going home tonight for sure, you have to sleep at the police station”


Source: Sanook