Cambodian pickpocket gang busted in downtown Bangkok

POLICE arrested 5 Cambodian members of a pickpocket gang, who together with a Thai accomplice, regularly targeted women accompanied by children in Pathumwan area of Bangkok and seized over 52 mobile phones of various brands, INN News reported today (April 3).

Pol Chief Pol.Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda together with Pol Maj Gen Surachet Hakphan, deputy chief of Tourist Police, said the head of the gang, a Cambodian woman named Nin Lainin, was caught red-handed while pickpocketing.

Police investigation showed that the suspects only prowled around on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and targeted women accompanied by children.

They duties are divided, and they moved on the victim as practiced, with one person getting very close, and the other using a knife or a razor blade to steal the belongings.

In 3 days they are able to steal 40 to 50 mobile phones, which are taken to Cambodia and sold at 3,000 to 5,000 baht each, police said, adding that this gang has admitted that they have been pickpocketing for 5 years now.

A background check showed that Ms Nin has a criminal record of having pickpocketed in this country, and faced a trial, but jumped bail and escaped, only to later return and again start stealing.

Tourist Police will be increasing security and tracking down foreign criminal gangs during the Songkran festival to ensure that all revelers happily mark Thai New Year.

However, holidaymakers are urged to be careful of their belongings, and also be the authorities’ eyes and ears, quickly informing if they see any wrongdoing.


Top: Police questioning the Cambodian pickpocket gang members. Photo: INN News