Camera pointing at women’s fitting room removed

A DEPARTMENT store in Bang Phlat district quickly removed a CCTV camera pointing towards a women’s fitting room after a Facebook user shared photos to alert the public, reported today (May 29).

Questions were raised about whether this camera, photographed and shared online by Facebook member Red Skull Phatthalung, is infringing on shoppers’ rights to privacy particularly women trying on clothes there.

Yesterday Amarin TV’s team of reporters went to this store and spoke to manager, who said he already knew that news about this camera had spread online and had since then removed it.

He added that this camera could not record within the fitting cubicles and was focusing on the cashier’s desk in front of the fitting room, with the store’s objective being to monitor workers’ performance.

However a shopper, Ms Kanika, who said she does not shop at this store often and when she does it is mostly to buy food and drinks while never having tried on clothes there, mentioned she noticed this camera was placed high up on the ceiling and this would have allowed it to record women changing clothes in these cubicles.


Top: The camera which bothered shoppers.  Photo: