Cameroon gang arrested after 5 years in hiding

A Cameroonian document forgery gang was arrested in Thailand after 5 years in hiding. Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from the Immigration Police reported that the arrest of Sanaleonel 37 years old from Cameroon for overstaying his visa in Thailand for 1,780 days. He was arrested for breaking the nationwide Covid-19 curfew in Khon Kaen Province. Police had been tracking members of the gang for at least 5 years. Back in 2015 officials received information about a Cameroon gang performing forgery of documents for other Cameroonians in Thailand.


Credit: INN News


These documents were mainly used for visa extensions. At the time, Khon Kaen Immigration officials arrested some members of the gang and many of them escaped out of the country. Officials ran their information through the Biometrics system and continued the investigation as there was information that other members were still hiding in Thailand. In April 2019, Augustine from Cameroon was arrested in Bai Pai District. The arrest led to the discovery of another Cameroonian named Bernard working in the same gang.


The Khon Kaen Court issued a search warrant and Bernard was arrested shortly after. The suspects at the time revealed to the police that there was another member named Sanaleonel who was able to escape in a brown Mazda with Khon Kaen license plate. Sanaleonel would travel back to Ban Pai District from time to time. Officials went undercover in the area and found the suspect at around 22.00 right when the curfew started for the night. The suspicious vehicle was found according to the information given by other suspects in the gang. The vehicle was searched and Sanaleonel was arrested. He has been delivered to the Ban Pai Police Station waiting for prosecution.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The latest suspect from the Cameroon document forgery gang has been arrested after overstaying his visa in Thailand for 1,780 Days.


Source: INN News