Captain assaults Steward for not bringing him food on the flight.

This incident involves an angry captain and a steward working on a flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The captain became angry after the steward in the story didn’t bring him any food and water while he was working on the plane.


Tanasak 34 years old, a steward for Thai Airways came to report an incident at the police station against Surasak the captain on the plane where the incident took place. Tanasak reported that he was working on the TG110 flight leaving Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok at 13.15 and arriving in Chiang Mai at 14.40.


The flight landed safely in Chiang Mai but then after the passengers exited the plane things took a change. The captain of the flight came out of the cockpit and headed straight to Tanasak. The captain then pulled Tanasak’s collar and proceeded to smack his head. The captain stated that he was extremely disappointed that Tanasak did not ask him while he in flight whether he wanted anything to drink or eat.


Police Colonel Piyapan Pattarapongsin called Tanasak for more information on the incident. Tanasak stated that the incident took place on the 17 February of this year. After the plane landed in Chiang Mai there was a return flight to Suvarnabhumi Airport on the same day.




Tanasak flew on another flight to Chiang Mai on the next day (18 February) to report the incident at Phuping Karachniwet police station, he wanted to press charges against the captain as Tanasak was not able to contact the captain after the 17th.


When Police Colonel called Tanasak, he further stated that he did not wish to press charges against the captain anymore but he wishes to report as proof that the incident did take place. Thai Airways has since contacted both parties to negotiate on the issue. If Tanasak wished to press charges the captain will only have to pay a fine as his action is only a petty offense.


FB Caption: The captain pulled Tanasak’s collar then smacked his head, Tanasak flew back to Chiang Mai on the next day to file a report with the police.


Source: Sanook