Car-bashing woman speaks up

Miss Boonsi Saengyoktrakarn met journalists for the first time today (Feb. 20) to explain why she thrashed a parked car that prevented her from driving out of her home, reported.

“I lost my patience after some people did not respect my rights. They drove here and parked their cars in front of my home. When I put up a poster saying ‘Please Don’t Park Here,’ somebody threw a snake into my house and many rang the bell to annoy me.”

“I filed a complaint to the police but nothing has changed. I fought in the Administrative Court, which supported my rights in 2015, but all to no avail,” she said. “Some people just don’t respect other people’s rights.”

“This area used to be nice and quiet. But all this disappeared when a big wet market was built. Jay parking is now the norm, not to mention the loud noise and exhaust fumes from the shoppers’ cars.”

“I have given up,” she added. “Some people just don’t respect the rights of other people.”


Top: Miss Boonsi talking to the press today. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip