Car bomb alert in Yala after bombings

A WARNING was issued this afternoon that insurgents in Yala are getting ready to set off a car bomb after killing a ranger and injuring 20 other officers in two bombings and clashes this morning, INN News said today (Sept. 20).

Pfc Thanet Phutho, of the 47th Rangers unit and aged 29 died this morning in these attacks and clashes but of the 20 injured 15 still remain in the hospital with the rest having gone home.

Col. Pramote Phromin, public relations head of Internal Security Operations Command Region 4, said the bombings and clashes with the insurgents started at 7 am when residents reported that at around 1 am a blast had occurred at a power pole.


At around 9 am a team of rangers went to check the bombing but were themselves bombed with an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team following them also similarly bombed.

 Yala intelligence networks have warned security units that a group of insurgents referred to as the old market group has moved an Isuzu MU 7 sports utility vehicle into this southern province with this not carrying a registration plate and fitted with bombs.

The vehicle is fueled by two 50-kilogram gas tanks and also has seven to eight gallons of petrol. The blast would be ignited with a radio signal.

Officers have placed on alert to watch out for the possibility of a car-bombing.


Top and inset: Security teams inspect the areas where bombings and clashes took place this morning. Photos: INN News