Car crash survivor dies after getting hit again

A WOMAN who survived after her car was strongly rear-ended by another sedan was killed moments later by a third sedan which did not see her standing in front of her vehicle that had spun to the middle of the tunnel in northern Chiang Mai city, reported this morning (Aug. 9, 2018).

The pileup took place in the middle of last night at the exit of Khuang Singh tunnel in Chiang Mai. One of the 2 women involved in this fatal accident had driven her white sedan from Rin Kham intersection, and after speeding along the superhighway, got into the tunnel.

However she did not see the black sedan in front of her, which was driven by a Shan woman. She rear-ended it very strongly, sending it spinning to the middle of the tunnel road. The Shan woman switched on emergency lights and then stood next to her car waving at other vehicles to prevent yet another crash.

However a third sedan, also black in color but driven by a man, did not see her and smashed straight into her, sending her flying across and landing on a passing motorcycle, and dying on the spot. The motorcycle rider was injured and quickly rushed to the hospital.

Police are questioning eyewitnesses and those involved in detail to take legal action against those driving recklessly. However they warned people to be carefully, particularly after an accident they should stay in a safe area.


Top: The pileup in Chiang Mai last night that left one woman dead. Photo: