Cause of Phu Tab Boek blast not known yet

POLICE have not ruled out any cause for the small explosion which took place at Phu Tab Boek in Phetchabun province yesterday killing a minibus driver and injuring two female tourists, INN News said today (Sept. 11).

The minibus driver died when he stopped to relieve himself while taking tourists up to the famous Phu Tab Boek mountain resort at around  9 am and is believed to have stepped on an explosive device.

Pol. Col. Krisna Pattnacharoen, deputy police spokesman, said police have not yet reached a conclusion as to what caused the explosion yesterday whether it was local conflict or an old bomb left over from the time this area was a battlefield.

Phu Tab Boek two

Police are coordinating with security agencies to resolve this case and any person linked to this explosion will be arrested.

Meanwhile Chidarat Meengarm, director of Phetchabun Tourism Authority of Thailand office, said this famous mountain tourist resort has so far not been affected by yesterday’s explosion but this could be because it is a working day and not a holiday when lots of people flock here.

So far hoteliers and tour operators here have not reported any cancellation, she pointed out.

However she urged tourists to be more careful and follow official instructions carefully.


Top: Police and soldiers inspect the area where the blast took place yesterday. Photo: INN News

Inset: An injured tourist getting first aid after yesterday’s blast. Photo: INN News