Chaos as bus catches fire near Chatuchak Park

AN air-conditioned bus running near Chatuchak Park on Viphavadi Rangsit highway in the middle of the night suddenly caught fire but all panicked passengers managed to get off safely, INN News reported this morning (Jan. 25).

Thick smoke filled the bus after the rear engine burst into flame, and officials had to close off the area where it was parked with the fire being put out 20-30 minutes later.

Mr Pramote Ngamla, the driver of air-conditioned bus number 510, said as he was getting close to the bus stop at  Chatuchak BTS station, he got whiffs of a bad smell, but nevertheless decided to drive on.


A little later a motorcyclist got close to the bus and yelled that there is a fire at the rear. He then got out and saw that a lot of smoke had filled the interior of the bus, while tongues of flame were shooting out from the rear engine.

There was chaos as panicked passengers rushed out of the bus to save their lives.

Pramote said he tried to put out the fire with an extinguisher, as he was afraid the gas cylinder within it would explode, but failed. He got 3-4 more extinguishers from other vehicles, but still was not able to put it out. It was firemen who finally extinguished the blaze.

Police found out that this bus previously had a radiator problem, but it was fixed. However, midday yesterday the problem arose again, so the driver filled it with water.


Top and in-text: Firemen extinguishing the blazing rear engine of the bus. Photos: INN News