Chiang Mai badly flooded this morning

WHILE Bangkok roads are not flooded today (Oct. 15) as happened after torrential all-night rain yesterday several provinces are still badly affected by floods with Chiang  Mai being inundated by meter-high floodwater this morning, Thai News Agency reported.

For the first time in 10 years forest runoff poured down Doi Suthep–Pui National Park into Chiang Mai and flooded several restaurants and houses in this northern city but the situation returned to almost normal late afternoon.

Meanwhile Chao Phraya River water continued to rise in  neighboring Pathum Thani province today and overflowed into Wat Sakae and Wat  Kai Tia in Sam Khok district with the floodwater being 70 centimeters high in both compounds.

Monks, novices and local residents had to rush and move belongings to higher ground and commute by boat.

In southern Chumphon province forest runoff from Phato hills gushed so strongly it triggered a landslide onto Highway No. 4006 at kilometer 26-27 leading to Ranong province leaving only one lane open to traffic with people having to travel very carefully.


Top: Chiang Mai badly flooded this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency