Chiang Mai flooded after fierce storm

CHIANG Mai was heavily flooded this morning (May 24) after hours of rain starting from 3 a.m. with the amount that fell at Chiang Mai Airport being 65.1 millimeters, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported.

Torrential rain also lashed 3 other northern provinces, Mae Hong Son, Lamphun and Lampang, but Chiang Mai bore the brunt of the storm’s rage.

Officials were quickly trying to drain out the floodwater after some roads were temporarily shut down. Volunteers were helping remove trash from drains to speed up drainage.

Forest runoff from Doi Suthep mountain came gushing down Mae Kha canal and its tributaries leading to Siping, Nantharam and Fah Mai Pratu Kom communities  being inundated.

The floodwater at Talad Pratu Kom was 30 to 40 centimeters high and vendors were rushing away with their goods.

Traffic was moving with difficulty and many motorcycles had to be manually pushed after they broke down. Often vehicles going fast triggered big waves which flooded residences on both sides of the road.

The floodwater level at Chiang Mai College of Dramatic Arts Theater near Talad Pratu Kom was 20-30 centimeters high but while it was open as usual, only a few students showed up.


Top and below: Flood woes at northern Chiang Mai city. Photos: Matichon

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