Chiang Mai petitioners heading for Bangkok on foot

VOLUNTEERS of a network to get Doi Suthep forest land back are walking from Chiang  Mai’s Anusawaree Sam Kasat (Three Kings Monument) to Bangkok to submit a petition to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to halt a court housing project, Thai News Agency reported today (April 4).

The volunteers want General Prayut to use Section 44 power to halt this approximately 1 billion baht project to build housing for judicial workers which the Office of the Appeal Court Region 5 is undertaking at the foot of Doi Suthep.

They will be walking 50 kilometers a day and during the journey will explain their position on the conservation of forests to the people in various provinces they pass through.

They estimate that it will take around 20 days to reach Government House.

However, they said if during their journey talks are held between the court, representatives of the public and the military and an agreement is reached, then they will change their goal, and go to the Government House to thank Prime Minister Prayut instead.

They added that it is a good sign that General Prayut has said the land has to be restored to its former state, as this shows he give importance to this problem. This gives them hope that the project will be halted, and Doi Suthep forest eventually recovers.


Top: Chiang Mai volunteers getting ready to walk to Bangkok to petition Prime Minister Prayut over the Doi Suthep project. Photo: Thai News Agency