Chilly -2° Celsius on Doi Inthanon this morning

THE temperature on top of Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s highest mountain in Chiang Mai, dropped to -2° Celsius this morning (Dec. 20), the coldest day of the year, Thai News Agency reported.

The chill thrilled tourists who got up early to enjoy viewing and photographing frosted leaves and grass amid a sea of mist surrounding the mountain.

Tourists on Doi Inthanon

Mr Rung Hirawong, head of Doi Inthanon National Park, said the temperature at the peak of Doi Inthanon suddenly plunged to -2°  Celsius this morning. At Kiew Mae Pang, a very popular mountain climbing trail, it was 3-7° Celsius.

The temperature is expected to drop further in this northern province and this will draw more tourists to the mountain park, he said, adding 3,950 people came in yesterday.

Frost on blades of grass

Meanwhile Mr Methee Mahayasanand, head of the Meteorological Department office for the North in Chiang Mai, said the temperature will drop another 3-5° Celsius during Dec. 20-22 after which it will rise but remain cool at 11-19° Celsius.

In Bangkok this morning the weather was from cool to cold with the temperature dropping 1-2° Celsius. Minimum temperature today is 15-17° Celsius while maximum temperature 24-26°Celsius and northeasterly winds  20-35 km/hr.


Top: A board showing the temperature at 3 different points on Doi Inthanon this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency

First in-text: Tourists enjoying a misty morning on Doi Inthanon. Photo: Thai News Agency

Second in-text: Frosted blades of grass on Doi Inthanon.  Photo: Thai News Agency