Chinese man kidnapped and place in a box.

A Chinese man was kidnapped and placed inside a box on 15 April 2023. 2 suspects have been arrested after demanding 4 million THB in ransom. Yu a Chinese tourist went to file a report with the Lumpini Police on 15 April 2023. Yu stated he could not contact Wang, his friend, for many days. Wang contacted him on the 16th through video call stating “Don’t file a report with the police, the kidnappers will let me go if they get the money”. Yu could see the bruises on his face and was terrified Wang would be killed. Lumpini Police and related officials started an investigation and 2 suspects have been arrested so far. 



Wang used to have a Thai girlfriend named Nampetch. They were dating for a year and broke up for 3 months but eventually got back together. Nampetch learned Wang had a lot of money and was connected to illegal money. She also discovered he is wanted by the Chinese officials and therefore will not file a report with the police. She made a plan with her Thai boyfriend named Gai. On the 14th at 19.00, 3 Thai men named Kob, Gai, and Jo went on a BMW given to Nampetch by Wang to Wang’s condo. The vehicle would allow easy access to the building in Sathorn. They used Nampetch’s keycard and went inside Wang’s room to kidnap him.



The group used Wang’s phone and called the security guard to borrow a cart. They then placed him inside a big plastic box and placed it on the cart. The group moved Wang to a different car and drove to a condo in Hua Hin. This is where they stayed for a night and beat Wang while threatening him for money. The group made Wang video call Yu because they feared he would file a report. Wang transferred money to Kob’s account twice and once to a woman named Ta. Together an amount of 3.93 Million THB. The police arrested Kob after planning to follow the vehicle that was supposed to drop Wang off at a restaurant. A man named June has also been arrested connected to the kidnapping. 4 arrest warrants have been issued for the remaining persons involved.  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The victim has a thai girlfriend. This girlfriend planned the kidnapping with her thai boyfriend and his friends. 


Source: Khaosod