Chinese passenger defecates in a taxi and won’t pay extra

A TAXI driver blamed bad luck when the unbelievable happened with a Chinese woman defecating in his cab but then refusing to pay anything extra to cover even the cleaning cost, reported.

JS100 website reported that at 12.30 p.m. today (March 28) a taxi driver, Mr Sarawut (surname withheld), picked up a Chinese woman, who is around 30 years old, at a mall in the city to drop off at Ratchadapisek Soi 7.

However, on the way the passenger said she was desperate to go to the toilet, and told him to stop at a pump on Asok-Montri road.

Unfortunately this was not possible because there were traffic cones in the middle of the road, and it is forbidden to make a right turn there. So the woman defecated in the cab.

After that Sarawut asked to be paid extra, but she insisted on being taken to her destination at the regular fare.

A policeman then showed up and tried to settle the dispute, but was unsuccessful.

The policeman told Sarawut that the reason he cannot file charges against this woman is because there is no law governing this sort of an incident.

In the end the woman walked off, and Sarawut, not knowing what to do, call JS100.

“I have been driving a taxi for 14 years, usually passengers blast taxis for not picking them up, but I always pick up all passengers.

“This is the sort of problems taxi drivers face, in the end I had to face this fate, defecate and make a mess and not accept responsibility,” Sarawut said.


Top: A taxi taking a passenger to his destination in the heart of Bangkok. Photo: