Chinese tourist dies after falling into hotel pond

AN ELDERLY Chinese woman tourist fell into a hotel pond in southern Phang Nga province and later died in the hospital, INN News reported today (Nov. 16).

Capt. Pongsak Vethyawong, chief of Thap Put district of this southern coastal province, rushed to the hotel after getting a radio report of the accident and found the tourist, Mrs Sun Xiuying, 75, lying unconscious near hotel’s pool with her relatives surrounding her trying to help.

Resecuers from Masjid Ban Na took her to Thap Put Hospital where doctors gave the tourist cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) but she did not respond. She was then taken to Phang Nga  Hospital where doctors gave her another round of CPR but were unsuccessful and she later died.

Police found out that Mrs Sun Xiuying had traveled here with a Chinese tour group and guests had just finished having lunch and participating in elephant activities at this hotel when someone saw her floating in the pond.

It is assumed that she fainted while walking around the pond and fell into the water.


Top: People trying to help the elderly Chinese tourist who fell into a hotel pond. Photo: INN News