Chinese tourist drowns at Chiang Mai waterfall

CHIANG Mai authorities urged tour operators who take tourists on trips to the jungle during the current rainy season to be extra careful after a young Chinese woman drowned upon being pulled away by strong currents at a waterfall in Mae Taeng district, Thai News Agency said today (Sept. 6).

Phairin Limcharoen, head of Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation office in Chiang Mai, called on tour guides and companies to take better care of tourists especially those who sign up for adventure jungle trips around this northern city which is currently very popular to prevent any more accidents.

A guide had taken 11 tourists to a waterfall in this district and a 26-year-old Chinese woman was pulled away by fast currents as she was treading through it and it was two hours before her body was found resting next to a rock there.

Chiang Mai governor and other officials have contacted the Tourism and Sports Ministry, the Chinese Embassy and those concerned to proceed with the next steps.


Top: The waterfall where a Chinese woman drowned yesterday. Photo: Thai News Agency




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