Chinese tourists badly bashed up by Yunnan youths

TWO Chinese tourists were seriously injured after a squabble with a Yunnan youth over a seat on a boat returning from Phi Phi island to Phuket led to a violent fight at the pier leaving one of them with a cracked skull and the other a torn ear, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported this morning (June 14, 2018).

Tourist and Mueang Phuket station police summoned and questioned the Yunnan youth and his 2 friends who injured the 2 Chinese tourists after a 7-second long video clip and 8 photos of the violent beating went viral in online.

One of the 2 Chinese tourists, Mr Lyu Jinlin, 38, suffering a cracked skull after being hit with a stone and got  3 stitches to heal it at Vachira hospital where he was also treated for his wounded arms which were hit with a stick.

The second Chinese tourist, Mrs Lin Jianei, 45, suffered a torn ear after being hit with a water bottle. Both of them have now been discharged from hospital.

The 3 Yunnan suspects, Mr Pa Thongdee, 24, a person without registration status from Chiang Mai, Mr Siri Sae Kham, 27, also a person without registration status from Chiang Mai, and Mr Liayaoyi from Myanmar, together with Pa Thongdee’s sister and brother-in-law were questioned by police from 9 pm onwards last night.

Pa Thongdee told police that the quarrel stemmed from the Chinese tourist having placed a bag on a seat on the boat. After the boat moored at Nonthasak Port both men exchanged another round of verbal abuse which then led to a punch-up with his 2 friends who happened to be at the pier just then joining in.

The 3 suspects have been charged with physically injuring others and emotionally distressing them. They were told to hold talks with the injured tourists about financial compensation.


Top: The 2 Chinese tourists being bashed up at Phuket’s Nonthasak Port. Photo: Matichon

Below: The Yunnan youths being questioned by police. Photo: Matichon

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