Chinese Warehouse found, over 20M of fake phone accessories.

Economic Crime Suppression Division Police (ECD) and a representative of Huawei inspected a Chinese warehouse on 2 June 2023. Inside were over 200,000 fake phone accessories worth over 20 Million THB. Li Xianese 29 years old, Huang Xiaoping 25 years old, and Linda Muktham 30 years old were arrested with charges relating to the distribution of registered products and more. Items included were earphones, chargers, charging cables, computer mouse, socks, bags, hats, and more. All the products are replicas of brand-name goods on the market. 



An online store named Center-Online and YINYIN_Shop has been selling fake electrical appliances. Police requested a search warrant for a suspicious warehouse in Rama 5, Nonthaburi and Tha Phra, Bangkok from the Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court. The 3 suspects were inside the warehouse. Police inspected the warehouse and found the illegal goods. The suspects were arrested and delivered to the ECD Police. Huawei Thailand is one of the registration owners. Many times the chargers are sold as authentic chargers and buyers do not realize they are receiving fakes. 



Apart from not being made by the claimed manufacturer fake chargers come with a few disadvantages. Many do not provide the proper output and this damages the phone’s battery in the long run. Oftentimes using a fake charger for a long time will result in your phone dying faster and can even shock your phone. Extremely bad charging cables can even damage your phone’s chip. Some signs of damage include the phone not charging even when plugged in, phone errors and glitching, sudden drop in battery percentage, phone dying even when the battery is not low, and more. Investing in authentic chargers and phone accessories will allow your phone to live longer. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The warehouse had over 200,000 fake phone accessories including charging cables. 

Source: Khaosod