Coastal families move out as strong waves batter homes

SOME people of southern Songkhla province fled their seafront homes overnight after continuous lashing by strong waves and wind made it too risky for them to continue living there, the Thai-language Matichon newspaper reported today (Dec. 18).

Officials at Songkhla’s Singhanakhon district took troops and trucks to help the victims of the ferocious sea move their belongings out, as there is a risk that the pounding by big waves might lead to their homes collapsing.

Initially 52 households with a total of 141 people have moved out, with most going to stay with their relatives, but others to shelters that the authorities arranged.

Mr Chaowakit Suwansiri, chief of  Singhanakhon district, inspected the area and sent a report to the provincial authorities that this zone be declared an emergency disaster area.

Mr Sathian Sisamut, 79, who is one of the victims, said he has been living in this coastal subdistrict since 1957 and has never seen this strong and high waves,  with the pounding this time being the worst in 60 years.

Previously there was a beach and pine trees which protested this community, but in time they were destroyed and the waves now reach their homes, he added, but also mentioning that he would be returning to live here after the sea calms down.

Mrs Phueng Ngarmkamnerd, another victim, said her house is only 3 years old but she had to move her belongings out because the big waves splashed water within her home making it impossible to sleep.

This started last evening and people moved out because they feared their houses might collapse, she added.


Top: Strong big waves and wind pounding one of the homes on Songkhla’s coast. Photo: Matichon