Cockroach eater shocks Bangkok health inspectors

PUBLIC health inspectors got more than they bargained for today (July 13) when they responded to complaints from people living near the home of a junk collector on the outskirts of Bangkok, reported.

Upon entering the townhouse, the inspectors were hit by an awful smell emanating from the room, which was filled with junk and garbage, not to mention a large number of cockroaches.

The house owner had been fined several times by health inspectors, but nothing much has changed. As the inspectors looked around the room, the junk collector kept munching cockroaches that he snatched from the pile of garbage.

“I started eating cockroaches a year ago when I found them in my coffee cup,” he said, much to the horror of the health inspectors.


Top: The junk collector with a cockroach in his mouth. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip


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