Couple almost drives over crocodile on road.

A couple were driving home when they almost ran over a crocodile on the road. Nattapong Somsanong a member of the local rescue team in Samui, Surat Thani Province reported to Sanook that he received a notification on 1 April 2021 at around 2 am about the incident. Wasunti Dumthong called the rescue team after he found a crocodile sleeping on the road in Koh Samui District. The driver decided to notify the local authorities for help as he did not know what to do and realized it wouldn’t be right to just leave the crocodile sleeping out in the open.


Credit: Sanook


Nattapong went to the location and saw the crocodile laying peacefully in the middle of the road. He was shocked because in all the years working in the rescue team, this is his first time seeing a crocodile do this. The rescue team met Nattapong and his girlfriend who was standing by the car. The couple stated they were driving back to their home when they spotted the crocodile. The crocodile was lucky that Nattapong stopped the car in time, or else it would have been killed.



The crocodile moved from the road to a bush nearby. Members of the rescue team helped tie the crocodile, this was to protect the members and other persons from being harmed by the animal. After about 10 minutes the crocodile was removed from the road. Nattapong stated the crocodile did not try to attack them. It is unclear where the crocodile came from, whether it was from a crocodile farm or a wild crocodile. Nattapong personally believes the crocodile was kept as a pet by a local in the area but it escaped. The crocodile is now at the local rescue team’s office and the Ko Samui Fisheries District Office has been notified of the incident.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Nattapong personally believes the crocodile was kept as a pet by a local in the area.


Source: Sanook