Couple held for stealing telephone cables

A JOBLESS man and his girlfriend got caught red handed while cutting telephone cables from which they were going to remove the copper core and sell at 300 baht a kilogram, Thai News Agency said today (July 25).

Khon Kaen provincial police commander Pol. Maj.Gen. Phromnathket Hamkhamphai said Mr Ronachai, 26, and Miss Thidarath, 22, both from Sakhon Nakhon, were arrested while cutting telephone cables in front of a sports school in this northeastern provincial city.

Cable thieves resized

Seized from them were a pickup truck, around a hundred meters of cables cut to small pieces, 50 pieces of insulating sheath from which the copper core had been removed, a wire cutter, 2 glass fiber welding tools and two bamboo ladders.

Also found later during a search of their home within this city were 50 pieces of television cables from which the copper core had been separated ready to be sold.

Upon being questione Ronchai said he previously worked for TOT Plc with his duty being to install cables but as he was presently jobless having previously resigned from his job he used his knowledge and skill to make some money in Khon Kaen for a whole week.

He said he was accompanied by his girlfriend on this trips to slash and steal cables and spent around 20 minutes at each point.

The cables’ copper core was sold at a used goods store at 300 baht a kilogram and each time he pocketed 2,000-3,000 baht.


Top: A truck full of stolen cables. Photo: INN News

Inset: Khon Kaen police with the young cable thieves. Photo: INN News



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