Couple runs away after severely punishing 2 boys

A COUPLE who tied 2 boys to a tree and hit them with a stick for allegedly stealing 200 baht ran away after their neighbors in the Chonburi community they live in staged a rally to chase them out, Thai News  Agency reported today (March 20).

The couple’s son, who is a monk at Wat Thung Niang where the 2 boys were severely punished and humiliated, was also booed by the neighbors.

The rally took place after a famous online page reported the odd punishment, which the writer said is in fact torture.

Mrs Sangwarn Wanphirun, 64, who takes care of the 2 children, said the couple, Mr Phanchai Chawanthana, who tied the boys to the tree and beat them, and his wife, Mrs Nganee, who called other children in the temple to come and have a look, only stopped after she got there.

As there is currently a lot of tension in this community, the Abbot of Wat Thung Niang asked the mayor to tell the police to arrest this couple while those who rallied against them were urged to file a complaint at the Damrongtham Center

Mrs Kanda Teeparn, a social worker Office of Social Development and Human Security Office in Chonburi, took the 2 boys to file a complaint against the couple at the police station for detaining and abusing them.


Top: The 2 boys tied to the tree. Photo: Khao Sod