Crackdown in Pattaya nets 22 suspected prostitutes

PATTAYA and Tourist police joined forces in mounting a drive to clear out prostitutes from this seaside resort city yesterday (Nov. 25) and rounded up 22 women and transvestites from key beaches, INN News reported.

The two police units also tracked down and arrested a transvestite who stole an iPhone 6 mobile phone, valued at 20,000 baht, from a Russian tourist.

The 22 women and transvestites were arrested from both  Pattaya and Jomtien beaches, upon clearly showing that they were prostitutes.

They were taken to the police station to be fined and, on top of that, their photographs were taken and kept as evidence. Police said these photographs would be shown to tourists attacked by prostitutes, so that they could identify the assailants.

The two police units had also mounted an anti-prostitution drive on Thursday Nov. 23, with this aimed at searching for a nimble-fingered transvestite who stole an iPhone 6.  The suspect did this by getting close the Russian tourist and his female companion who were drinking beer, and when they were not looking, snatched the expensive mobile phone and fled.

Police said they have arrested the thief, however as a press conference is being held tomorrow, details will be revealed at that time.


Top: Some of the suspected prostitutes arrested in Pattaya yesterday. Photo: INN News