Cross-border oil scam leads to strict check at border

A STRINGENT check of oil tanker trucks after around 10 were found carrying different and lower grade oil than stated in export documents led to a huge traffic tailback at Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge in Nong Khai today (July 10), Thai News Agency said.

Sombat Khonthong, head of customs crime suppression unit in Nong Khai, said customs officials and crime suppression police are checking whether the type, quality and amount of oil carried by these tanker trucks match what was stated in the export documents after five trucks were caught carrying a different, lower-grade product on July 7 and three more also likewise caught later.

One of the oil tanker truck drivers said upon being questioned that he took delivery of good quality oil from a refinery with correct excise tax seal and then resold it in the market after which he bought low-grade diesel and only filled one of usually four to six compartments in the tanker truck for export to Laos while getting the full excise tax refund.

Mr Sombat said Nimitz Saengumphai, head of Nong Khao customs house, then order a strict check of all oil tanker trucks and the traffic is badly jammed today because lots of oil tanker trucks usually head to Laos on Mondays but he is trying to resolve this problem.


Top: An oil tanker truck being inspected in Nong Khai today. Photo: Thai News Agency


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