Customer finds slug in salad from restaurant in mall.

A customer finds a slug in her salad purchased from a restaurant located inside of a mall. She had already finished her meal when she found the slug and didn’t know what to feel. The customer’s main complaint is the food hygiene practices. The story was made viral by a famous Thai Facebook page named “If you want to be famous, here you are part 5.2”. The customer had ordered a salad and almost finished her dish when she noticed something black. 



It was hard to tell at first because of the salad dressing but it is a big slug. The customer was shocked but knew this was strange. She pulled out her phone and recorded a video along with pictures before sharing it online. The woman captioned “This is a salad restaurant in the mall. They sell food but they are so dirty. The vegetables were not even rinsed. I ate almost all of my salad when I noticed something black. I was about to put it in my mouth, but I stopped because I realized there were no mushrooms in the salad. I was thinking in my mind that this is bad luck. There was a slug in my stomach, and I ate so much already. I had eaten a slug salad. I became so mad because I didn’t know there are germs in the slug”.  



This is not the first time someone found ingredients that did not belong in the food. Restaurants in Thailand do not have routine restaurant checks like in some countries. Because of this you truly do not know what is going on in the kitchen. The normal belief in Thailand is that restaurants inside malls are much cleaner than restaurants outside. This is also not true because the condition of the price does not represent what is behind the scenes. The ingredient which was found in the salad is certainly unusual as it was a slug. Though it is not surprising because slugs love vegetables. What would you do if you were the customer in this case? 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Finding something in your food may not be surprising, but this was a large slug. 


Source: Khaosod