Customer hides Yaba pills in Tamarind to Korea.

A shipping agent acting as a representative to send goods abroad almost turned into an accidental drug smuggler after a customer hid Yaba pills inside dried tamarind. The tamarind was almost on the way to South Korea. The incident was shared online on 12 September 2020 as a warning to other shipping agents in Thailand. A shipping agent that ships goods to Korea was deceived by a customer who almost got her in serious legal problems but luckily the agent noticed something was suspicious and notified the police. The Khlong Tan Police in Bangkok received notification about the suspicious box. 


Credit: Khaosod


Facebook User Tam Supamas posted online pictures of the Yaba hidden inside dried tamarind with the caption “A warning to other agents, this person is a danger to the society please beware. He wanted to send a box to Korea but inside was Yaba pills hidden in dried tamarind. Don’t let him have a place to stand in our world. Thank You to Khlong Tan Police for taking care of this case”. There are pictures of the dried tamarind wrapped in a plastic bag with a rubber band, the Facebook user who sent the box, the yaba pills hidden inside a small black plastic bag similar to a garbage bag, and police inspecting the box. 


Credit: Khaosod


Hopefully, this post helps warn other shipping agents and companies to be extra careful when accepting boxes without knowing what is inside, especially if the sender seems suspicious with their intentions. If Tam didn’t pay attention to how the customer was acting she would’ve shipped the box and risked receiving serious trouble from Thai or Korean officials. As a person deceiving someone else to do your dirty work is extremely selfish and dangerous. The customer used his real Facebook account with his real name to send the box. Police have started an investigation to find and arrest the man to bring in for prosecution, it won’t be long. 


FB Caption: Tam almost became an international drug smuggler after a customer came in with a special shipment to South Korea. 


Source: Khaosod