Customer revisits market after finding nails in freshwater prawns.

A customer had purchased freshwater prawns from the Or Tor Gor Market in Bangkok and found metal nails inside. She decided to return to the market after accused of intentionally defaming the market. The customer had purchased 7 prawns weighing 2 kilograms, the prawns were 900 THB per kilogram coming to a total of 1,900 THB. Inside 4 of the prawns were 3-inch nails. The owner of the seafood shop showed responsibility by returning the money and claimed that she had no knowledge of how the nails got inside the prawns. At 13.10 on 26 August 2020 the customer named Rawipa 44 years old went to meet the owner Sunee 58 years old at the “Kung Kak” shop in Or Tor Gor Market, Kampang Petch Road. Rawipa had the goal to confirm in front of the owner and the media that she had no bad intentions to defame the market. 


Credit: Khaosod


Rawipa then stated that she wanted the owner to make a statement on the incident as she never mentioned the shop’s name. Rawipa also gave an interview to the media stating that they have solved all issues and the owner has returned to her 1,900 THB. Instead of letting the issue go an employee at the seafood shop stated to media that Rawipa was walking around the shop many times. Rawipa wanted to show the security camera footage in the area to prove her intentions. The buyer arrived at the shop, picked the prawns she wanted, and paid before walking away without checking what was inside the bag. 


Credit: Khaosod


Rawipa also revealed that the shop had stated to the media that they use a metal detector to scan every single prawn before selling. This is not true because an employee grabbed the prawns and placed it directly in a bag before handing it to her. The employee at the store had given many false stories to different media channels hoping to make Rawipa seem guilty. Sunee the shop owner stated the prawns were purchased from villagers. There have been issues where customers have found lead in the prawns. The shop has placed a sign offering money returns for prawns with metal hidden inside. When asked about the metal detector Sunee states it is kept inside as the detector is expensive and can break if placed on ice. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The customer found 3-inch nails inside 4 out of 7 freshwater prawns but is accused of making up the story. 


Source: Khaosod