Customs discover almost 1 ton of crystal meth to Taiwan.

Thai Customs discovered almost 1 ton of crystal meth on the way to Taiwan. The drugs were hidden inside silicone sheets placed in cardboard boxes. The crystal meth is worth 538 Million THB in Thailand and if successfully exported to Taiwan the value will increase to 3 Billion THB. Potch Anansilp, and related officials from Thai Customs reported at the Bangkok Port Customs Office on 4 December 2021. Officials found 897 kilograms of crystal meth estimated to be worth 538 Million THB. Thai Customs discovered the cardboard boxes placed inside a shipping container by a company that specializes in exports to Taiwan. 


Credit: Khaosod


Potch revealed that the enforcement division X-rayed a suspicious shipment. This shipment included 24 cardboard boxes. They opened the boxes and found silicone sheets stacked on top of each other, a total of 161 sheets. Each sheet was different in thickness and sizes. Because of the inconsistency officials decided to cut into the silicone sheets. The silicone sheets were used to hide crystal meth. Together the crystal meth weighed 897 kilograms and is worth 538 Million THB. The person who shipped the boxes had them delivered and placed into a container. As a safety precaution officials will inspect shipments before they leave the port. This shipment seemed suspicious and proved to be true with a large drug lot stored inside. 


Potch stated that the boxes are shipped under a company name. This is a company that often exports goods to Taiwan. Officials are now investigating whether this case is connected to the discovery of 400 kilograms of Heroin that was discovered after arriving in Taiwan. This is the work of an international drug gang that uses Thailand as a passageway to move the drugs. If the crystal meth arrived in Taiwan successfully the value would increase to 3 Billion THB. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: If the crystal meth arrived in Taiwan successfully the value would increase to 3 Billion THB. 


Source: Khaosod