Cyclist dies after being hit by sedan

A SEDAN descending a bridge at high speed in eastern Nakhon Ratchasima city hit a 50-year-old cyclist and killed him on the spot this morning, Thai News Agency said today (Sept 19).

The accident occurred at kilometer 157 of Mittraphab highway outbound from Muang district of this city which is commonly known as Korat. The front of the sedan was badly damaged with the windshield shattered and the front bumper dented.

accident two

The force of collision flung the bicycle into the channel in the middle of the highway with the impact causing the middle-aged man to break his neck and skull and dying on the spot. As he was not carrying identification papers on him police as yet do not know who he is.

Upon being questioned the driver of the sedan said he was descending the bridge at high speed and suddenly the middle-aged cyclist started pedaling across the road. He said he tried to dodge him and sound the horn but failed to do so in time.


Top, inset and below: The damaged sedan and the bicycle lying in the channel in the middle of the highway after the accident. Photos: Thai News Agency

Accident one